Success Stories

Story 1

We had a young lady admitted into one of our homes, Cwello, within two hours from the initial referral phone call.

Upon admission, the young lady was extremely underweight and exhibited extreme challenging behaviour. Over a period of time, following our input, the young lady gained weight and the challenges diminished.

The lady also developed improved self-care and independence skills, which all led to a positive step down discharge into a supported living environment after approximately 2 years.

Story 2

A young man was admitted to one of our other homes at a time of great distress which had resulted in him not being able to visit his family for many months.

It took us nine months to gain the necessary trust and confidence of this young man and after this time he eventually unpacked his suitcase with an expression of a desire to live in the home.

At present, he visits his family regularly and attends college three days a week. This is following intervention from various disciplines coordinated by the home’s manager and staff.

Story 3

Another lady was also admitted at short notice with a high tendency to smear, throw televisions and travel to distant locations at high risk without advising carers.

For the initial three months, these behaviours continued and then started to abate alongside dedicated intensive input from the staff team.

Several years later these challenges have reduced and the lady’s family have stated that they have never seen her so settled or happy.

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