Auckland Care is a provider with a proven track record of providing a high standard of varied specialized support and care for individuals diagnosed with the many forms of learning difficulties and mental health needs.

The company was started in 2001 and is still owned and operated by qualified mental health nurses.

At Auckland Care we our main commitment is to enable residents to achieve their full potential whilst maximizing and promoting independence and community integration. These aims are met by ensuring that all of the care delivered is planned using a person centred approach, whilst valuing individual choice, beliefs and aspirations.

Our residents are fully involved in the planning and delivery of all care provided and they take a major role in the running and organization of the home. We ensure that people’s needs are met by continuously consulting with the residents circle of support including, families, friends, advocates, care managers and health care teams.

Auckland Care caters for a wide and varied client base, and that with the experience of the providers, care can be provided to meet many and complex needs such as, clients who may exhibit behaviors that may challenge the service. Auckland Care can provide support for a more challenging type of client, this care will be provided in close liaison with the local GP, community learning disability and psychiatric teams.

The homes cater for clients between the ages of 18 to 65 and will be open to either gender. Where people reach the age of sixty five and we can continue to provide care for them they can remain in the home.